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Why Girls have Better Relationship with Their Parents than Boys

There is a very beautiful relationship between the parents and the children. Both share a bond that cannot be broken by any person. It is a bond that is irreplaceable, no matter how many people come in their lives. It is usually said that the boys are more attached to their mother, whereas the girls…


Watch Out This Beautifully Romantic Extra Gum TV Commercial

This is the story of Sarah and Juan. They met at school first and everything start with a bubble gum and both of them fell in love and the boy propose the girl in an epic way, how this extra bubble gum help him to make this precious.   This extra gum commercial goes viral and…

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9 Reasons When Boys Try To Break Up With Girls

Dear girls, this article is solely dedicated to you if you are in a relationship and you are noticing a change of behavior in your boyfriend. Here, you will find the top nine reasons that influence your boyfriend to end the relationship and move on with his life. Although the excuse might differ as per…