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philips breast cancer video

How To Make A Sandwich That Prevent From Breast Cancer?

Check out this inspirational video by Philips India. This video will teach you how to make a sandwich that prevent from Breast Cancer? Yes, if the man made sandwich that will let your wife can take time for self breast examination. What a motivational initiative by Philips India - Himinitiative


Men Are Dogs - Based On True Events

Are Boys And Dogs Same?

Check out the similarity between boys and dogs, after watching this video you will say that according to girls dogs and boys are the same.

The Dancing Traffic Light

The Dancing Traffic Signals, Safety with Fun.

No body likes to wait at traffic signals, which makes traffic lights the most dangerous spots for pedestrains in the roads. But what happened when waiting at traffic signals becomes more fun, here comes the first Dacning Traffic Signals. And the result is, 81% more people stopped at the red light.