The Best Conversation Happening between Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian


Which is better? Vegetarian or Non vegetarian? Well, this is one of the most common debates that simply refuse to get obsolete. Regardless of vegetarian and non vegetarian individuals swapping preferences, conversation between the two sects is getting interesting with time. The conversation leads to debate and eventually, a fight happens which is interesting in its own way.

Here a sneak peak of some of the best of conversation happening between vegetarian and non vegetarian:

The Molar Moral

Vegetarian – “Human beings are equipped with molars. These are precisely meant for grinding and chewing ONLY plant matter.”

Non Vegetarian – “Wrong! Human beings are also equipped with canines and incisors. These are decently adapted to tearing and rending meat. I’m loving it!”

We are Homo Sapiens – Heard of that?

Vegetarian – “We are homo sapiens and our digestive similar to that of herbivores. Hence, we are supposed to be vegetarians. Unfortunately, for some unknown reasons and the strange evolution, meat started to be included into their diets.

Non Vegetarians – “I thought we’re humans!!! Anyways, meat was influential in the evolution of the species. It was simply impossible to maintain a large brain without consuming meat.”


Vegetarian – “Did you know meat has been linked with huge number of health problems? These include some of the most dangerous ones including cholesterol problems, heart related problems, obesity, deep-vein thrombosis, and much more. Additionally, if not cooked properly or having disease struck poultry will lead to severe health conditions.”

Non Vegetarian – “This is not true. Meat is actually very healthy. It offers you high amounts of requisite protein and energy. It helps fight off anemia and other diseases if eaten in appropriate amounts. Indulging in it excessively leads to problems.

It isn’t an Obligation

Vegetarian – “Just because we can eat meat doesn’t mean we are under an obligation to consume it.”

Non Vegetarian – “Ability to consume meat is an evolved trait among humans. This indicates that as humans, we are more adaptable. Morally, eating grains results from kill animals to produce those grains (strong pesticides kill insects, poison fish, rodents living in grain fields, and a lot more).

Killing Animals is Cruel

Vegetarian – “These animals experience pain and suffering. Why get into all that?”

Non Vegetarian – “Well, all organisms on earth survive like that. Right from the bacteria in your colon to the insects around you, animals in jungle, would kill for survival. Morever, lakhs of cows, goats, and other animals are sacrificed in the name of religion and custom. Chickens suffer because due to lack of space to raise them. Crowded farming also result in painful death.”

Conservation of Animals is Possible

Vegetarian – “Zoo and wildlife sanctuary are the best places to preserve species.”

Non Vegetarian – “Research and studies reveal that there are over 20 billion chickens on Earth. Cow population ranks over a billion. None of the wildlife sanctuaries or zoos is capable of proliferating species in a prudent way. Farming is definitely a better use for these animals.”


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