Things to Do this Year to make India a Better Country


Making India a better country isn’t that difficult a task. The only thing one must focus on here is to recognise the loopholes, look for solutions and make combined efforts (the government and its people).

Here are some superb ways to do this year to make India a better nation:

The Republic Right

First and foremost, it is important to treat India as a republic country. It all starts with us – the people of India. Let’s do this by stop calling people the ‘kooreywallah, chaiwallah, doodhwallah, autowallah, naukar, cleaner, driver, etc. Why not ask their names and use it to refer to their presence and services? Let’s stop treating our servants meagrely. Why not treat them as our employers do?


This is something most of us don’t emphasise on doing. This makes the country a non-republican and keeps the right candidates from serving us. Let’s pledge to start voting. The task can begin with the local municipal elections. Let us also strictly avoid voting on the basis of your caste/religion/region etc.

Clean India

Let us pledge for a clean India. So let’s stop spitting on walls even those already covered with paan stuff. Let’s not throw stuff out of buses, cars, and railway coaches onto roads and dirty tracks. We will look for a trash box to throw away stuff.

Save Each Drop

More than 60 per cent of Indian homes do not have tap water. This problem will grow with time. Research has revealed that by 2020 the world will fall 17 per cent short of water. The future in India is definitely drier. Lets recycle water, learn about rain water harvesting, and stop wasting water.

History is Treasure

If you love your country, then you must treat its past and heritage with respect. Monuments are more than just inanimate buildings. The price of entry tickets should be raised. This will help citizens pay for maintenance. Citizens should be made aware of their heritage.

Religion is about Responsibility Too!

Religion has turned into a big business. It is shocking but true that the yearly income of Tirupati temple from offerings is 300 crore INR. The Ramakrishna Mission makes around 150 crore INR. Unforttunaely, none of us have time or concern to display sense of social obligations. The funds should be diverted to rescue victims of earthquakes, floods, and riots. The religious leaders can activate the loyal to work for the community.

Health for All

In India the health treatment should be available for regardless of whether they can afford it or not. Over 26 crore people cannot afford healthcare. Unfortunately, the Government hospitals cater to only a quarter of medical problems. This needs to change.

Instant Help

The foreign countries have 911. We have nothing. This is time to increase the speed of emergency care for patients. Special attention should be paid on road accident victims. Road accidents kill one person every 12 minutes. The solution should be made available in the form of easy-to-remember helpline numbers, phone facilities on highway, trauma booths, etc.


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