Things you should know about BOSS, India’s own Operating system

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India has always been a leading in so many areas. Moreover, it is ever working hard and developing the techniques and products that would help it compete with international market and succeed in it diligently. Now, the developers of the country and taken a step forward in the areas of computers and has come out with a new operating system that could compete with Microsoft. The government of India will very soon have an operating system, which have been made and developed in the country. The system is called as BOSS, i.e., Bharat Operating System Solutions.

It is a program that is developed by the Centre for the Development of Advanced computing (CDAC). The operating system thus developed will be super safe and secure in nature and has already cleared the crash test conducted by different entities such as Indian Army, DRDO, state entities, etc. BOSS’ earlier version has already hit the markets in 2007. However, it had so many drawbacks that it took several years to overcome those and provide the best user experience.

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  • The major reason behind developing BOSS was to provide an answer to all the hackings that are becoming a routine and hindering the tasks in countries such as China and USA.
  • It was developed to keep safe the information with the sensitive areas, such as army, safe. In case their system was hacked, it could prove to be a major setback for the whole system, thus creating damage to the functioning.
  • The ‘Make in India’ campaign was also a major part that contributed in this project. It was developed to make less the use of Microsoft Windows in all of the governmental areas.

India has the abundance of developers who are smart and efficient in their work. We can easily state that this that this version of BOSS is completely user friendly and would provide all the features that Windows provide to the users. We can call BOSS as the most significant product that the developers in the software industry of India has managed top developed in the recent years. It can seriously prove to be a matter of issue in Microsoft as BOSS might replace Windows in all the governmental areas of the country. There is no restriction on the use of the OS. Anyone and everyone in the country can take the advantage of the operating system.

Important points regarding BOSS:

  • Developers: It was developed by the developers of the Development of Advanced computing (CDAC), India.
  • Current and the previous versions: Earlier in 2007, it was released in the market on 10 January 2007. As it had some drawbacks back then, it could not manage to make a mark in the market and flopped. Now, they have come out with the version that is free from all the defects and is extremely secure. It is an open source model that is to be marketed in India generally.
  • Languages: It is available in more than 18 languages.

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