Top 10 Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic

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Say No to Plastic! We use in huge amount of Plastic almost daily because it is easy to carry and convenient to use. Although Plastic is very helpful and convenient but it is very harmful for the environment. The BPA-containing plastics are also human health hazards.

This world is not same as it seems. When you throw something disposable away then it just ends up somewhere else. Think about the little thinks and its reactions and avoid using Plastic. Today we are trying to give some ideas and tips to use less Plastic.

1.        Avoid buying items packaged in plastic:

When you buy something then look for the product and other things that are not over packed by the plastic. Try to buy the food in Jars or boxes rather than Plastic boxes and bottles. If you start this then it will also give a powerful message to the makers of the products that people are avoiding the things that are packed in the Plastic.

2.       Use cloth shopping bags:

Either we go to the grocery store, shopping Mall or in the market we generally see that plastic polybags are used in a wide range for carrying the things. Try to use cloth bags for shopping rather than plastic polybags. If you often forget to carry these cloth bags then try to put it in your car or your bike, or by the front door.

3.       Skip bottled water and carry a reusable canteen:

The water in Plastic bottles is one of the most common types of litter found on malls and beaches. Try to avoid these bottles. By doing this you also save your money as well as the environment too.

4.       Up cycle:

Try to be more innovative. Don’t throw the old items or discard them. Try to make useful of that things rather than buying new one. For example Plastic bottles can be turned into creative lighting fixtures.

5.       Bring a reusable mug when you order coffee:

I know it seems strange but try to bring a reusable mug along with you in your office or school. Stow it on your desk so that you have it on hand when you need to refill your drink.

6.       Say, “No straw, please!

Straws are the most used items found on the beaches and malls. Many of the people use straws when it’s not necessary. So if you want a straw then you can get a reusable stainless steel or glass one.

7.       Wear clothing made of natural, not synthetic, materials:

Polyester clothes are made of plastic. So try to wear clothing that is made of natural things. Avoid wearing synthetically materials.

8.        If you must use disposable tableware, get the compostable kind:

If you have no choice to use washable and reusable cups, plates, or utensils then try to use the things that are made of paper, or biodegradable plastics.

9.       Don’t just discard electronics:

Don’t try always to get a new device while it can be repaired. Find alternative cell, gadget, facility or other parts by which you can turn them in for recycling.

10.   Bring your own container for takeout and leftovers:

When you are ordering the food or bring something to home then try to bring your own reusable container for your food.

It’s not that difficult as people think. They just need to be more aware to avoid the use of Plastic. Try it once by yourself and trust me it feels good to do something for nature.


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