Top 5 Bengali Foods You Must Try

murgir jhol

Bengalis are famous for good books, conversation and food. They are pretty famous for eating the food by their hands. It is said that true Bengali food does not relish with the forks and spoon. Every district in Bengal has its own sweet dish. West Bengal is known as the land of meat and fish full dishes in which people don’t eat the food without non veg recipe.

But if you want to taste the food of Bengal at your place then here we are listing some of the best Bengali recipes for you.

1.       Doi Maach:

doi maach bengali

It is the master piece in Bangali cuisine. Doi Maach is very authentic Bengali dish which is served with Pulav or white rice. It is also called Fish in Yogurt Sauce in which Rohu fish is considered best for this. It is very simple but typical Bengali dish with very little spices. People love the flavor of fish in this recipe.

2.    Aloo Posto:

aloo posto

It is a potato dish that is cooked with poppy seeds. Potato is all time favorite for Bengalis whether it is in Posto or in any other cuisine. It is a traditional Bengali preparation in which potatoes are cooked with green chili and poppy seeds that helps your brain to keep calm. It is generally served with the rice.

3.    Potoler Dolma:

potoler dorma bengali dish

The name of this recipe is borrowed from Mediterranean cuisine. Dolma refers to Turkish food in which stuffed food and little pouches of stuffed grape leaves take place. The coconut milk is the great combination with Dolma. It’s not spicy and people of Bengal often experience it with Chicken and Paneer.

4.       Prawn Malaikari:

prawn malaicurry

It is also called Chingri  Maacher Malaikari which is treated as gem in Bengali’s kitchens. It is cooked in spiced creamy sauce which is made with coconut milk. It is usually served with hot steaming white rice or light Pulao. It is mainly loved the people of Bangladesh and Bengal in India.

5.       Murgir Jhol:

murgir jhol

It is also called Chicken Jhol, one of the favorite foods in Bengal. It’s like a chicken curry in which you will see the chicken with potatoes, marinated with mustard oil etc. Apart from that Tomatoes are also added to this recipe to give the reddish color which is preferred by the people of Bengal.  This is one of my favorite dish to which I will never say no to my mother.

As Bengalis are famous for their sweetness, their dishes are also like them – sweet and tasty. They usually prefer less spicy food. These are the top recipe loved by the Bengalis but this is not the end of taste of Bengal, there are lot more to taste so do visit Bengal and taste the different variety of cuisine that will keep in your memories forever.


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