Top 5 Best Android Puzzle Games of 2014

the moron test android

Love to face the brain challenges then Google is offering the variety of puzzles games for the android users. The Android market has an entire category of puzzle games which are ready to challenge, entertain, and get your brain into the higher gear.

There are various puzzles games for android users some of them are free and some of them are paid in the market, so here I am describing the top 5 puzzles games for the android users.

1.     Unblock Me:

Unblock Me is the best games of puzzles that are going in the market for brain hunters. It is one of those games that remind you that you just not may be as smart as you think.

unblock me android

 It is very easy to play, move blocks out of the way of the red block as you move it off the board. Compete against your friends to see who can free the red block in the shortest period of time, but be warned, the puzzles get much more challenging the higher up in Puzzle numbers you go.

Download Unblock Me for Android

2.     Classic Tetris:

tetris for android

If you remember the era of smartphones in the past then Tetruis doesn’t need any introduction. The Classic Tetris controls do take some time getting used to but once you are comfortable, you’ll be spinning blocks into place and causing massive eruptions in no time. When you search the Tetris in the google play then you will find several of the Tetris games over there but Tetris for Android is rated higher than Classic Tetris.

Download Tetris for Android

3.     The Moron Test:

the moron test android

This light hearted game is a great game to play with friends. Google gave the rank this game under the top 5 puzzles game app for android. The game is simple to play and offers dozens of questions to test your wisdom. In all, the Moron Test app has over 500 steps, 7 levels (ranging from Moron to Genius) and is simply a very fun game to play. The more you play, the better you get answering questions which will raise your score.

Buy The Moron Test for Android

4.     Traffic Jam Free:

traffic jam free android game

If you love Unlock Me then you will love it too which comes under the category of top 5 puzzles games in the google market. Traffic Jam Free offers hours mind twisting puzzles. The object is to get your car out from the traffic jam and on its way down the street. As you will go on the higher level, the puzzles get harder and harder as Unblock Me. Traffic Jam is a great game to keep bored kids interested.

Download Traffic Jam Free Here

5.     X Construction Lite:

x construction android game

X Construction Lite is a game in which you are charged with building a bridge strong enough to allow a train to pass over safely. You can stick with the basics and be pretty sure your bridge will hold up or you can get creative with your design. The full version currently costs $1.35 in the Android Market and is worth every penny. There are two versions in the market X construction and X Construction Lite, the only difference between the full version and the Lite is in the number of bridges you can build and your ability to save your games.

 Download X Construction Lite for Android

So if you want to check your brain ability to think smarter then you must love these top 5 puzzles game apps for android game’s lovers.


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