Top 5 Cities in India with Highest Rape Crime

rape capital india

It is utterly disgusting, shameless, and an indelible blotch on our country’s reputation! India has turned into a rape capital. Whether it is the blood curdling Nirbhaya case in 2012 or the recent Uber cab case, India has been leading in this shameless crime. Who is to be blamed? Each one of us! Right from the political system of India to the youth, the parents, the literate and illiterate category of India, each one of us is responsible for giving way to this heinous crime. Changing the perspective o girl child, her honour, inculcating moral values into a male child, and announcements for severe punishments to the culprit are some of the major things one must emphasise on.

It is sad but true that some of the cities in India are known for their highest crime rate! These cities are on high alert. Listed below are 5 strong contenders for rape capital of India:

1. Delhi

delhi rape city

What has happened to the capital city of India? One of the most toured, exquisite, jovial, and advanced cities of the country is now in news for the heinous rape incidents that increases each year. Right from the December 16, 2012 brutal gang rape and fatal assault of a 23-year- girl that elicited widespread protests across the nation to an appalling number of 1647 cases in 2013 reported by NCRB statistics, the heavily policed city of the country has reported around 616 rapes and 1,336 molestation cases by April 30 this year. This is almost 36% increase in rape cases. The recent Uber taxi rape case has shamed the capital once again.

2. Bengaluru


This may be a little hard to believe especially for those who know the city as IT Capital, Hub for IT professionals, Knowledge Hub and Garden City. Unfortunately, the city is facing a serious problem. Recently, the city has reported around 12 cases of rape, serious molestation, and sexual assaults and molestation against women. Here, the victims belonged to all age groups including minors. One of the most horrifying of these cases is that of a 6-year-old girl raped in school. There are even cases were minors were raped at gunpoint. Unfortunately, the police department in the city is not concerned about the sensitivity of these cases. Under most situations, the FIR was filed only when media intervened. The sudden spurt in rape cases across the city is a major cause of concern for working women, parents of young girls, and those who wish to get acquainted with the IT advancement within the city.

3. Ahmadabad


One of the largest industrial cities of India has recently witnessed high rate of crime against women. The year 2012 has been worst for women in the city. Here, around 1805 cases of violence have been reported against women.

4. Mumbai

mumbai rape crime

Super shocking! Isn’t it? Mumbai was once considered the safest cities for women. However, recently in 2012, the commercial capital of India had witnessed around 1781 cases of crime against women. The statistics revealed by the Mumbai police has revealed that there has been an increase of around 43 per cent in the number of rape cases in until June 15, 2014.

5. Jaipur

jaipur rape crime

The pink city of India has registered 1427 instances of crime against women in the year 2012. The hospitable city has shamed the country with its report.


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