Top 5 dangerous places in the world

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If you are daring enough and love to live in thrill-seeking places then you must take a look. World is the most beautiful creation of the God where you can find beauty, adventure, danger or many things. In world, every country has its cities and every city has its own slums which are the collection of many different dangerous things.

No one can truly predict where danger might be about to come or waiting to attack. Although world is containing many beautiful cities in it but there are lots of cities where you just know that danger can attack anytime.

Today we are sharing the list of some dangerous places where any dangerous situation can knock at any time.

1.       San Pedro Sula:

san pedro sula

San Pedro Sula is located in the northwest corner in Honduras. It topped the list of most dangerous cities with an average of more than 3 murders a day. City is the transportation hub of the Honduras which also serves as the drug trade’s most strategic distribution point. Even people can’t take a peaceful sleep because of the extreme poverty, drug problem, corruption and gang violence.

2.       Maceio:

maceio crime city

Unpredictable things happen generally in Brazil. Maceio is the capital of the coastal state Alagoas in Brazil. If you see its environment then you can’t judge that it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. But under this charm, city is full of danger with a murder rate of 135 out of 100,000 individuals.

3.       Baghdad:

baghdad crime city

Baghdad is the capital of Republic of Iraq. It doesn’t require any explanation to be a part of the most dangerous cities in the world.  Blood is nothing new to the residents of this city. It was declared as the most dangerous place in the world by Mercer’s in 2008. Citizens of the city always feel harm by random bombings, gunfire, and unpredictable violence. If you ever listen any news about violence or murder they the name of Baghdad always come in the list.

4.       Karachi:

karachi crime

Karachi is the capital of Sindh and the largest and most populated cities in the Pakistan. Karachi is the major city in terms of murders and dangerous things. In Karachi people can kill anyone for a certain amount business moguls, political rivals, political rivals, or even police. With the combo of suicide bombing, violence and gang shooting it is one of the most dangerous cities to live.

5.       Cape Town:

cape town crime city

I know that you are getting shocked after the name of Cape Town in this list but it is also one of the most dangerous places in the world. Although it has so many tourist places and beautiful sights but the city has many wrong roads that can land you in any dangerous situation. The cases of robbery and murder are the generally disaster for the residence of the Cape Town.

Dangerous situations can’t be predicted. They don’t come before informing you. Even the safest heaven can change into deadly traps within some seconds. But we can’t do anything except danger which is in the air of these places.


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