Top 5 food to cause Food Poisoning

berries food poisoned

Food poisoning, also called food borne illness is a most common infection caused by eating dirty or unhealthy food. It’s a life threatening problem for millions of people throughout the world. Every year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention handle approximately 76 million cases of food poisoning.

It’s a harmful bacteria that can infect our food and causes several other diseases. Its symptoms start within the time of eating unhealthy food which includes vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pains, fever and nausea. Food poisoning can be handled without treatment but if you can’t control on eating unhealthy food then you might need to go to the hospital.

We never think anything about what we should take or what we should avoid because we don’t know about the drawbacks of these foods. That’s why today I am sharing a list of some foods that are most likely to cause food poisoning:

1.       Chicken:

cooked chicken

Chicken has proved itself as the top culprit that causes food poisoning. Center for Disease Control fingers this poultry has announced that chicken causes most for food poisoning. It contains salmonella and staph bacteria along with campylobacter bacteria that are the main reason for food borne illness.

2.       Leafy Greens:

green veg

Although Green vegetables are good for health but some green leafy vegetables like lettuce, baby spinach and arugula not come in this list. It has been observed that these leafy greens infects with bacteria when they come with the connection of animal or water contamination. Apart from that these leafy green contaminates with poor handing during its processing.

3.       Berries:

berries food poisoned

Fruits are highly recommended by the doctors. Fruits are full of high vitamins and nutrients. But some fruits with crevices don’t come in this list because of dirtiness.  Fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are the main cause of food poisoning. People generally eat these fruits without washing but they should wash these berries because they are the huge collection of dirt, bacteria, and pesticide residue.

4.       Alfalfa Sprouts:

alfalafa sprouts

Top health organizations like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are strongly against to use alfalfa sprouts. This leaf is commonly used in in salads and sandwiches.  Alfalfa Sprouts are one of the major foods that cause the foodborne illness. Alfalfa sprouts contains Salmonella which is full of germs because of their high moisture content.

5.       Egg and cheese:

egg and cheese

If you are an addicted of egg then you might be suffered from food poisoning soon. It’s a ripe source of salmonella poisoning. In eggs, bacteria are generally born during the hen incubation that’s why doctors never recommend raw or lightly cooked eggs. Apart from egg, Cheese is another cause of food poisoning as listeria monocytogenes bacteria is commonly found in soft cheeses.

Sickness can’t be predicted by anyone. Even when we eat something we never think too much about it. But after suffering from it we can’t do anything except avoiding these foods. So try to control your diet to prevent from the food poisoning.


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