Top 5 Free Video Calling Apps for iPhone


Christmas is about to come  and if you are far from your family and loved ones then no need to worry about it. There are lots of video calling apps are available in the market which won’t make you feel you alone and far from home.

There are so many new apps are developing for every kind of operating system in phones which have their own strengths and weaknesses. User always gets confuse about the best video calling app for iOS which can fulfill all his needs and requirements. So we have a list for top 5 free video calling apps for iPhone that will help you to connect with friends and family.

1.       Skype:

It is most commonly used and known video calling app in the market. Not only for iOS, it’s also available for other operating systems as well as Desktop too. Apart from video calling it also allows voice calling, file sharing, sending messages between the skype using devices. It is one of the oldest video calling apps and was built before everyone owned smartphones. It supports 3G, 4G as well as Wi-Fi.

2.   FaceTime:

If you are an iPhone user then FaceTime is the easy solution for you to do video calling. It doesn’t support multiple person chats.  The audio and video quality of this app is pretty good. As it doesn’t support other platforms so people are less aware about it. It is very easy to use & may support 3G/4G depending upon your carrier.

3.       Spin:

Spin is another video calling app for iOS holders. It supports group chats with up to 10 people. Apart from that it also shares photos, videos, and other content.  It supports Vivid HD video quality and 44 kHz audio transforms. It can also connect to Dropbox, Box and Citrix ShareFile. With video calls in HD with collaboration on the documents, swipe through photos; Spin is the best way for iPhone.

4.       Hangouts:

It’s a messaging service by Google which has added some new features like SMS support and video Hangouts. Like Skype, Hangouts is also available for different platforms for those who want to connect with their family. It is somehow complicated to use than other services. It was the upgrade version of G-Talk, which was the earlier messaging service of Google.

5.        Fring:

It is also one of the oldest video chat apps for iPhones. It supports video calling with up to four people. It is also available for many platforms like Android and many other web apps. It can also integrate with skype and many others that offers cheap international calling. It is not available for desktop and people are less aware about it.

So now you can also connect with your family and friend with the help of these amazing apps, so don’t be sad now you are not that far to your loved ones just download one of these amazing apps and enjoy the free video calling with your iPhone.


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