Top 5 Highly Educated Politicians in India

rahul gandhi

Indian Politicians are often in the news for many reasons. But the actual reality or background of Indian politician does not unveil in front of the people. In India there are so many politicians who are either highly educated or least educated but they have the authority to rule over the nation.

Today we are listing some of the highly educated politicians of India. Although they are from different parties but they have learned so many things from their era of learning.

1.       Dr. Manmohan Singh:

manmohan singh pm

In this list the very first name comes as the former Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, has many numerous degrees. He did his masters in Arts (Economics) from Punjab University with distinction. Mr. Singh has received the first class honor from Cambridge University. Apart from that he also got a D. Phil. from Oxford University in UK.

2.       P Chidambaram:

p chidambaram

The former finance minister also places in the list. Chidambaram holds too many degrees as B.Sc., B.L and MBA. He has completed his master degree from the Harvard University in business administration.

3.       Rahul Gandhi:

rahul gandhi

May be you are in shocked after seeing Rahul Gandhi in the list. Rahul Gandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi has completed his graduation with a false name from University of Florida. The reason behind the fake name was many security issues following the assassination of his father. He also did his M. Phill degree from Cambridge University.

4.       Sushma Swaraj:


Sushma Swaraj is the Union minister for external affairs under Indian government. She has done her bachelors in Arts with major in Sanskrit and Political Science from Haryana. She also did LL.B. degree from Punjab University. She is one of the honest politicians of Indian government.

5.       Kapil Sibal:

kapil sibal

Kapil Sibal was a lawyer and served under the congress lead UPA government as Human Resource development minister. He did his masters in Arts from Delhi University. Kapil also did LL.M. degree from the Harvard Law School.

I hope this is enough to get update about the top 5 highly qualified politicians in India. Apart from these politicians there are lots of others highly qualified ministers who are serving the country.


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