Top 5 Messaging Apps for Androids


Messaging has become the general part of everyone’s life. As a youth, we love to stay connected to our closed one and messaging is the best medium in this case. Many years ago when there was no technology then people used to wait for the letter which was the first and longest medium of communication.

After that emails and short messaging service (SMS) came which was a better way to connect with the dear ones. But now gone are the days when people have to wait for the letter, email or messages. After the launch of 2G in India cell phone markets have become the smart phone markets and messaging services have come in messaging apps.

Android has brilliantly captured people’s attention now a day in which there are lots of messaging apps are available in Google Play. These messaging apps are very easy to use and fastest medium to get connected. Although many people are friendly with these apps but still we are listing some of the best messaging apps for better communication.

1.       WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app now a day. The app was founded by veterans of yahoo in 2009. It has changed people’s interest from the normal chat to instant messaging in which people can exchange the music, pictures, videos and many other media messages. WhatsApp is available on every platform as Windows, IOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. It has some extra functionality as location sharing and group chat. Although Facebook has brought it by paying $19 billion but still it is the number one in messaging apps.

2.       Hike:

Hike is an Indian proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging app for messaging that has become very popular in communication now a day. Although it is just like the WhatsApp but some additional features makes it unique in instant messaging as it also allows users to communicate over SMS which is big reason to use it especially for those who don’t have internet access on go. Apart that it has a huge range of stickers which also attract the user to use it. If you are unable to share your feelings then these stickers are enough to express. It is also available for all platforms like WhatsApp.

3.       Skype:

Apart from video call Skype is also used for instant messaging. It supports many platforms as Android, iOS and Windows. The app is developed by Microsoft and majorly used for file sharing and videoconferencing. One of the major advantages of having this app is that Skype to Skype calls are free over 3G and Wi-Fi. It uses Microsoft account like Windows live messenger, Hotmail and Outlook accounts. It is also used as an instant messaging app or a normal chat app by which you can hold 25 people together through conferencing.

4.       Viber:

It is a cross platform messaging app designed by Viber Media. It is compatible with many platforms as BlackBerry, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Symbian, BADA. Viber has launched its desktop version which allow user to chat with desktop without the use of smartphone. It was first launched for iPhone in December 2010 in competition to Skype. With the help of Viber you can share texts, pictures and video messaging. Viber is available in 30 languages as English, Arabic, French and many others.

5.       Line:

It was created for the iOS and android but now it is available for windows phone and desktops also. It has more than 150 million users across the world. Line features sharing the text, images, audio massages and many more. It has more colorful interface as compare to other apps in which you colorful fonts with emoji and stickers.

These are best messaging apps that help you to stay connected with your close one. So be in touch and stay connected!


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