Top 5 Multi Player Games for Android

modern combat multiplayer android games

Gaming on Android is one of the most popular platforms these days. There has been a massive development in the arena. The overall concept of gaming has gone very strong, impressive, and intelligent. It is now possible for game lovers to play with each other. With so much development going on, it may be confusing to choose the best.

Well, this is what we are going to suggest here. Listed below are 5 best Multi Player Games for Android:

 So which ones are the best? That’s the question we’ll answer in our list here of the best multiplayer Android games.

  1. Asphalt 8

asphalt 8 multiplayer games

 Well, this is a competent multiplayer game. It involves racing participants on the internet in real time with over 8 players. Here, the participants can enjoy ghost challenges. This means the friends can challenge their best time. So, the game can be downloaded on Google. The participants can play on a track and then race a ghost of you. Here, there is no requirement of you being present. The best part is that the game is absolutely free of cost with in app purchases. Asphalt 8 is one of the best multi player android game.

  1. Super Stickman Golf 2

super stick android games

This game is a must have for all sports enthusiasts. However, if the name ‘golf’ makes you think about a ball whacking session, it isn’t. The game is much more than that. The race mode of Super Stickman Golf 2 allows around 3 players aiming to drop their putts on the same hole concurrently. One who is the quickest becomes the winner. The game has been designed in a fashion to help people enjoy a fast paced game. The multiplayer game for android only resembles golf loosely.

  1. Clash of Clans

clash of clan multiplayer games

This is a free game and successful in making entry to the top games for android list. It had been declared as the best multiplayer of 2013. The game is long and allows for building up a village, raise an army, and then attack foes. Here, the enemies are other people playing with you. Presently, the game exists approximately only in multiplayer. It is possible to join clans with friends. You may get this game on Google Player. The game allows you to attack or get attacked. Since it is precisely a cross platform, chances are that you will be facing iOS individuals too.

  1. Modern Combat 4

modern combat multiplayer android games

Priced at, Modern Combat 4 is actually just a place holder here until Modern Combat 5 is announced. For those looking for a wonderful multiplayer shooter, Modern Combat 4 is a fabulous choice. It is also one of the first FPS titles to feature console level graphics and multiplayer on the internet. You can get this game on Google Play. The game for android is priced a little higher ($6.99). However, it is certainly a good game.

  1. Words With Friends

words with friends android games

This multiplayer game for android comes free of cost. It has been highly popular among users. Here, the participant is simply Scrabble with others. The game is to relax and turn-based. The best part is that game helps one get connected to close friends today and always.


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