Top 5 Racing Game for Android Devices

real racing 3 android

If you love to play racing game on your Android Devices and always eager to burn the racing track in your hand then must read this.

It feels good when you are chasing and the competition is going higher, burning rubbers, drifting, nitrous boosters, challenging race tracks and exotic cars pumps up your rush. When it comes to best racing games for android then there are two categories comes: Paid and Free games. In paid category Asphalt and Need for Speed and many more others are grabbing the top position in the Google Play.

 So we have listed top 5 racing games available on the Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets.

  1. Real Racing 3:

real racing 3 android

With stunning graphics and car detailing Real racing 3 is the very entertaining game for your android device. As all racing games go , you progress and unlocking new levels, races and of course new cars. It is really heavy on memory, so be sure you have enough space to store the game as well as powerful hardware for the best performance.

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  1. GT Racing 2:

gt racing

Another great looking racing game from Gameloft is GT Racing 2. The game truly tests your driving skills and you get to play over 1400 events including classic races, duels, knock outs and overtake. You can choose variety of cars here as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Nissan, Audi, Ford, and more. As per as the other games, this game comes with multiplayer mode where you can compete others too.

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  1. Angry Birds Go:

angry birds go android

We have played the whole Angry bird series a lot now we will race through the angry birds too. Bird slinging madness continues with Rovio’s latest addition to the famous Angry Birds game franchise. This time there is a twist as the new game now takes you on a racing track. In this game every character has its unique power which you can use during the race and you can also upgrade your cars to make it faster.

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  1. CSR Racing:

csr racing android

CSR Racing is fully racing game, Players needn’t to worry about steering- all you have to do perfectly time to change the gear. Indicators tell when to make your next shift, and assuming your timing is up to snuff and your ride is amply upgraded, you should pull across the finish line before your opponent, and earn some winnings. Premium currency can be used to buy high-end cars, while the standard currency can be used to buy the others, as well as upgrade specific parts such as the gear box, engine, intake, and body.

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  1. Hill Climb Racing:

hill climb racing android

It involves you to drive through hilly roads and gather power-ups and coins. There are no high end graphics but the game is quite addictive.  You need to manage your jumps and avoid getting flipped over.  You can also gain bonuses from doing tricks and collect coins to upgrade parts to your car including the engine, suspension, tires etc.

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So  I’ve combed through Google Play for some of the best-looking top 5 racing games on Android that are completely free, barring the odd prompt for in-app purchases.


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