Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate Movember

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Movember sounds like a horrible think but don’t worry its nothing like that to worry about. It is a national event to bring awareness to health conditions. The name of this festival is driven from Australian-English diminutive word for “moustache”, “mo” and “November”.

In this event men are get encouraged to shave clean and grow their mustaches and beards during the month of November. The event is mainly celebrated for the awareness of men’s health issues. But why Australian celebrates this events in such a different manner let’s find out.

Reasons Why Men should celebrate Movember:

1.       The Facial Hair:

Participants are encouraged to dress up like any of the famous personality with the moustache. The Moustache can be like various styles as they want from Charlie Chaplin to Gandhi. Mo Bros competes with each other for the International Man of Movember title.

2.       The Feel-Good Factor:

As it is celebrated for a great cause it’s a kind of feel good factor. It aims to encourage the men to discuss their health issues with the mustache functionalists. Men who support this event all month have been walking billboards for the cause. In this event the gala is also another chance to get involved in the event.

3.       The Art:

It’s not just an event it’s a kind of art. In the between of the mos, schmoozing, and enjoying live music, people check out the new special work that is done by the Liz Brady and Erika Carter. The paintings of the Brady’s are a medium of attraction for many of the people. With the subject of human and animals these paintings carry the mystery and the power of allegory.

4.       Charity for a good cause:

Movember ,  its name is as unique as its cause. The annual event involves the growth of moustache to spread the awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer and other male cancers, and associated charities. The main goal of Movember is to “Change the face of men’s health”.

5.       Traditional Event:

Apart from annual event for the country, it has also become a traditional event by the Movember Foundation charity. The tradition has started Ireland, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, Taiwan and the United State from 2007.

These are the 5 main reasons to celebrate this annual event. As Movember Foundation are doing a great effort to spread awareness of men’s health. We should also celebrate this event to make the people aware about the cancer related issues.


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