Top 5 Smartphones To Be Launched In 2016

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Phones hold a great importance in our lives, as they help us to do a number of things. It assists in various tasks, such as scheduling appointments, look up information, listen to audios/music, watch videos, browse internet, calculate things and much more. The amount of phones releasing by time are increasing by each day, and the new high-end Unlocked cell phones introduce various new features.

Following is a list of the top 5 smartphones, which are yet to be released in 2016:

  1. Apple iPhone 7

Apple has always been greatly renowned for its premium smartphones and gadgets. It released the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus last year, and this year, we will be getting the iPhone 7. Concepts and rumours of the device are already surfacing online, with leaks suggesting that the new iPhone may discontinue support of the 3.5mm jack in order to make the phone even slimmer. Additionally, the phone will come with iOS 10 and may feature a brand new chip, A10.

samsung galaxy s7 concept

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the next flagship model of Samsung, and will serve as the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. There is no confirmed release date for the device, however, information regarding the release date will more likely be made available in Mobile World Congress 2016. It can be expected that there will be more variants of the device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus etc. The phone may boast more than 4 GB of RAM, with an Ultra Super AMOLED display. The device will come with the latest Android version Marshmallow v6.0.

  1. LG G5

LG will also be releasing their next flagship model this year, which will serve as the successor to the LG G4. While the fingerprint scanner is becoming one of the more significant aspects of high-end devices, the G5 is expected to introduce Iris recognition capabilities, which means that the device will potentially come with an eye scanner. This will bring a whole new set of features to the premium devices. Additionally, the phone will boast of 4 or 5 GB of RAM, and consist of a QHD or an UHD display. Android Marshmallow is expected to be seen on the device.

  1. Xiaomi Mi6

The Mi series of Xiaomi has seen great response from all the users, and everyone expects more from the company. This year, the company will be releasing the successor of Mi5, the Mi6. The phone is expected to be a flagship killer, and will certainly bring in some unique features, however, no official announcements regarding the specs or features is out. Judging based on the rumors, it can be expected that the phone will come with an Ultra HD display panel, a big battery, 4-5 GB of RAM and much more.

  1. OnePlus Three

The OnePluscompany made a big name after releasing the OnePlus One in 2014, which was named as the flagship killer at that time. The OnePlusTwo was released the following year, while its successor, the OnePlus Three is expected to come this year. The device is likely to come with more features, and better specifications. An Ultra HD display panel is greatly anticipated in the device, and the device will more likely be featuring 5 GB of RAM with 4000+ mAh of battery.


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