Top 5 Smartphones With Longest Battery Life

nokia lumia 1320

Smartphones are in trend now a days but what is the main drawback of these smartphones that is small battery life. Due to the busy schedule people generally want to have a phone which doesn’t want charging all the time. With the high features and big screen, smartphones have never been more powerful – or hungrier.

Yes, specification and apps matters in the battery life. With the continuous web surfing over 4G LTE and music play, devices are unable to provide long battery. So if you want a smartphone that has a long battery life with high features then check out the list of handsets that we have made.

1.       Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G:

samsung galaxy s5Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G

Although the name of this smartphone is mouthful but its battery can last all day. It has 4050 mAh battery that took handset 25 hours and 54 minutes to fully drain with full video playback. Price of this handset in India is Rs. 26,910.

2.       Samsung Galaxy S5:

samsung galaxy s5

As Samsung is known for its technology then how can it hold back when it comes in battery life? Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 packs with a fast quad-core processor and 1080p screen with water resistant body. It also features a top-notch battery of 2800 mAh that lasts after a solid 15 hours and 18 minutes of battery backup with full video playback. The price of this handset is Rs.38, 799.

3.       LG G Pro 2:

lg g pro 2

It has a powerful big screen with an expansive 5.9-inch display. Through its extra-large screen LG fitted a 3,200 mAh battery that is able to push through 14 hours and 1 minute of video playback. Price in India is Rs. 30,900.

4.       Nokia Lumia 1320:

nokia lumia 1320

With the awesome tile interface of Windows phone, Nokia Lumia 1320 will stand out in a number of ways as its orange paint job and 6-inch screen display and many more. It has a non-removal 3400 mAh battery that has taken 43 hours and 10 minutes for in talk time test. Price of this phone in India is Rs. 16,666.

5.       Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

galaxy note 3

The third generation of the Note series is full upgraded for its customers because of the more thoughtful S Pen interface. It has 3200 mAh battery that delivers 15 hours of battery life. The price of Note 3 in India is Rs. 22,526.

If you want a long battery life then it’s impossible to get below 20,000. You have to compromise on one thing either with the battery life or with the price. These smartphones are best in the field of long battery life and latest features with pocket friendly nature too. So choose the one that suits you and enjoy the extra-long battery backup.


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