Top 5 theme restaurants in Mumbai

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If you are planning to go out for a dinner but you are getting bored of having in the same restaurants. Then we have something special for you that will definitely satisfy you. As Mumbai has everything according to your need, it also offers different theme restaurant according to your mood and budget.

These theme restaurants are doing a great business and getting famous day by day. Have you heard about toilet theme restaurant in Taipei, Condom theme restaurant of Bangkok? If no then you can experience it in one of the theme restaurant in Mumbai. Although you will not find such bold type of theme restaurants in Mumbai but there are various others where you can spend quality time. So we pick it up top 5 theme restaurants in Mumbai.

1.       Village Restaurant – Indian Village Theme:

village restaurent mumbai

If you belong to a village and missing your home’s food then you must visit this restaurant. You will get a complete feeling of village food that you can’t control. You will have to pay entry fee which is one time installment to get a freedom to enjoy the different variety of food. The makers of this restaurant tried to create a pan India village restaurant and a complete environment of village. You will be offered different categories of food as Gujarathi, South Indian, Rajasthani and many more. So enjoy the fragrance of village.

2.       Hard Rock Cafe – Rock Music Theme:


You might have heard about it. Hard rock cafe is a chain of theme restaurants which offers musical theme to its customer. If you an addicted of rock music then you just love this place. There are so many franchises of Hard Rock Café in all over the world. It offers different varieties of food along with awesome music. Apart from that it also organizes some special concerts on the daily basis. You will get a totally different environment over there.

3.       Dara’s Dhaba – Punjabi Dhaba Theme:

dara's dhaba

“Dhabe da food” is just a mouthwatering food. You might have taste the food of dhaba but what about an air conditioned dhaba? The owner of this restaurant created it as a traditional style of dhaba where you will get complete environment of Punjabi dhaba. Apart from that it has been listed in many newspapers, T.V channels and magazines which make it one of the famous restaurants in Mumbai.

4.       Bar Stock Exchange – Stock Market Theme:

stock exchange beer bar

You might have not seen such kind of restaurant. The main attraction of this theme restaurant is its dynamic prices of drinks like the stocks in the real market. The concept of this theme restaurant is truly adorable. Although some time it can be pricy but the uniqueness of the food is quite amazing. Apart from that it has its own app to know the current price or anything.

5.        The Jail – Jail Theme:

jail themed restaurent

If you ever wanted to taste the jail food then you must visit this place. It’s a recreation of jail in which you will have to pay a heavy bundle of money to have the jail food. It’s truely an adorable theme of restaurant in which you will taste different varieties of jail foods.

Feeling hungry ahh!! Well the list is not comprehensive there are many other restaurants in Mumbai which are based on their different concepts. So book your table now and taste a different theme food with your partner.


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