Top 7 All-Time Hit Villains of Bollywood

amrish puri villain

Indian cinema is incomplete without a villain. We have seen many super villains from 1960 to till the date. Before 2000, the negative role used to be played by some of very popular villains of the Bollywood like Amrish Puri, Pran Sahab. Shakti kapoor etc. Now a day villains are more powerful character for a movie. Many actors have already did negative role in their film as Amir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, John Abrahim and of course the king khan of the Bollywood Sharukh khan. Although these villains did their best in the movies but some Bollywood villains keeps forever in the heart of every Indian movie lover. Here we listed the top 7 all-time favorite and hit villains of Bollywood.

pran sahab

1. Pran Sahab:

When we go in the old memories that who is the best villain ever then the name of Pran Sahab comes in mind. He did remarkable acting as negative role in his films. He has his unique style of presenting himself which makes him the best villain of Bollywood. Some of the favorite films of him as a negative role are Zanzeer, Amar Akbar Anthony etc.

amrish puri villain

2. Amrish Puri:

The Mogambo of Bollywood is known as Amrish Puri. With a powerful voice and brilliant skills of acting Amrish Puri set his image as a negative role in people’s hearts. He has acted many negative charcters like Mogambo in Mr. India, Balwant Rai in Ghayal and many more.

3. Amjad khan:

If we talk about the most memorable villain of Bollywood then credit goes to Amjad Khan. As Sholay has created the history after its release Amjad khan is also set in people’s mind for his negative character in Sholay. Sholay was the first film of him as a villain. He did many negative roles in Sholay, Himmatwala etc.

4. Prem Chopra:

Prem Chopra is also known as a very famous villain of Bollywood. His dialogue delivery and body language are the power of him. His dialogue “Prem naam hain mera” is very famous till now. He set himself as for negative characters in Bollywood.

5.   Ajit:

Ajit’s full name is Hamid Ali khan but people know him as the name of Ajit or Lion. He is famous for his negative role in kalicharan. His famous dialogue of the same film “Sara Seher mjhe lion ke naam se janta h” could not be removed by the people’s mind.

6. Shakti Kapoor:

if we are talking about the villains of Bollywood then how can we forget the name of great villain Shakti Kapoor. He is one of the most versatile actors in the industry. He has did many different characters in his entire career. Some famous movies of him are Main Khiladi tu anadi, Aankhen etc.

7. Gulshan Grover:

The title of badman always reminds me the name of Gulshan Grover. After seeing his acting skills it seems that he born for the negative characters in the movies. His famous movies are Ram Lakhan, 16 December etc.

Many comes and many goes but these villains have created their best image in people’s mind by which they will be known forever in the Bollywood industry.


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