Top 7 Best Android launchers

buzz android launcher

Android is incomplete without its different looks and unpredictable features. Every Android user wants to change the entire structure of his phone. So for those android manic there are several android launchers are available in the Google Play which is responsible for change the home screen, grid view and launching the aforementioned apps.

If you still hungry for best android launchers for your smart phone then we are listing the top 7 best launchers for android.

google android launcher

1.       Google Now Launcher:

The very first launcher by Google is Google Now. It’s a free launcher available in the market. If you were fan of Windows Vista then you must like it because it looks like that somewhere.  It has button-free voice controls, and enough transparent window-bars. It is also compatible with all Nexus and Google Play Edition devices.

nova launcher

2.       Nova Launcher:

It is one of the lightest and most featured launcher for androids. It has set itself apart from the competition because of its updated new features and themes. It supports Google voice search. It allows users to change the layout of the home screen, transition animations, icons etc. it also has a paid version in the Google Play which provides you more customized features.

apex android launcher

3.       Apex Launcher:

It is the big launcher for android since its origin. It is also once part of “the big three” with ADW and Nova. It has a gesture control which is very pretty and easy to use. Apart from that it has various options like theme options, icon pack, home screen layout and many other customized features.

buzz android launcher

4.       Buzz Launcher:

It provides you a standard set of customized options with lots of different advantages. It has a library with thousands of themes and widgets. You can browse and download them to use. So if you are finding the colors and themes like iPhone then this laugher might be helpful for you.

zeam launcher

 5.       Zeam:

It’s a different spectrum for the android phones in which all the developers seems to care about the speed. It has different customized options and floating menus. The total performance of this launcher is so smooth. If you are looking for a speed booster for your android phone then this will definitely attract you.

next launcher

6.       Next Launcher:

It’s a kind of 3D launcher which is completely different than other launchers. It has a standard grid with some widget on the top. Although it consume more battery but it is truly impressive. It view reflects the 3D screen to the user and give a different structure for the smart phones.


7.       EverythingMe Launcher:

It’s a first among the several contextual launchers. It analyzes your activity and recommends apps for you according to that. The search features are awesome. It’s a free with no in app purchases. It enhanced the folders which is themed individually. Basically it is the smart launcher for your smart phone.

Although we have tried to provide you the best launchers in the market but there are several others too. You can also use them to make the layout of your smart phone. So enjoy the ride of free android launchers.


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