Top 7 Cloud storage apps for Android

android cloud storage apps

Cloud Storage is one of the safest and latest technologies for storing the huge amount of data. Before some time cloud storage for android or other devices was very confusing technology throughout but now more and more data saving has made it largest online storage platform instead of traditional hard drives or USB’s.

As we know that the era of android is going on and everyone wants everything in their phone. People don’t have much time to go on the computer and then import the data from various resources and then save it online. So Google Play is offering many leading apps for cloud storage.

Now you don’t need to go anywhere just drag your smartphone from your pocket and store as much as you want on the cloud. Here we are listing some cloud storage apps that are running currently for androids.

1.       Box:

Box is an online file sharing and personal cloud content management service. Box Inc. started the cloud services by Aaron Levine at the age of 19 and funded by Marc Cuban. Although Box is known for business users but in cloud storage app you can sign up for the personal use too. The personal account starts with 5 GB of free storage. It has the ability to view who downloaded and previewed the file.

2.       Dropbox:

Dropbox is another well-known cloud service for everyone. The app allows you bring all the photos, videos, documents anywhere. It is one of the best online storage apps for the people who work online and do the work over internet. Initially, users get the 2 GB of free space with the ability to expend it up to 16 GB. Even if you lose your android device your data will be secure in the Dropbox.

3.       Google Drive:

It is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google. It was released in 2012 with the ability of cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. User can access images, videos, documents and other important files with the help of this drive. It has the functionality of collaborator so that you can also edit spreadsheets and documents and save them online. Google drive gives the15 GB free cloud storage to its user.

4.       Mega:

It may be new for most of the android users. Mega Ltd. Is a cloud storage file storage service, launched January, 2013. The service allows the user to browse files, upload and download files, create folders and many more. Mega provides 50 GB storage space to its users. The most important feature of this app is that content that gets uploaded is secure to encrypt.

5.       IDrive:

The name sounds like an app for iPhone but it’s not like that. IDrive is one of the top Android cloud storage apps. The app is used to back up the contents stored directly on a phone as images, videos, contacts, calendar etc. Users get the 5 GB of initial storage space with the ability to upgrade it up to 100+ GB for personal and business use. It works like a computer so any data that can store in the computer, can also store in the IDrive too.

6.       SugarSync:

SugerSync is a cloud service that helps in active synchronization of data from the computer and other devices for the backup. The service is available for every platform. It is the easiest way to search, share and access the documents, images, videos etc. Apart from that you can share large files and folders. It gives 5 GB of free cloud storage to its users.

7.       OneDrive:

If you generally use Microsoft office for your work then One Drive could be the cloud storage service for you. It is a cloud storage service by Microsoft by which you can get your photos, videos and other documents at one place. The service offers a backup tool for rollback to a previously saved version of a file. OneDrive offers 7 GB free storage cloud space to its users.

Cloud storage apps truly mean for android devices because we download and access a huge amount of data daily but don’t care. So these cloud storage apps are available in Google Play to assist you with your crucial data anywhere and at any time.


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