Top 7 Foods to Improve Your Sleep

foods improve sleep

Everything we eat and feel that is connected to the sleep. Some people feel trouble falling asleep and many of them can’t stay asleep. If you are facing the same problem then don’t feel sad for yourself. You are not the only person on the earth who is facing this kind of problem. More than 50 million of people in the world don’t get enough eyes shut, according to a research.

A good sleep makes you energetic and happy. Apart from that a healthy sleep helps you to keep your brain sharp and your immune system strong even it is also helpful for skin. Your skin will glow more and reduce your risk of high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

Today we are listing some of the food that helps to improve your sleep. Adding these foods to your diet may help you to take a good sleep.

1.       Fish:

Fish is the most helpful food in this type of problems. Salmon is very beneficial among other fishes. It has Vitamin B6 that is needed to make melatonin that means it will give you a sleep inducing hormone triggered by darkness.

2.       Jasmine Rice:

If you want a healthy sleep like other sleepers then try to include Jasmine rice in your meal. It has been proved by the expert that people who ate carbohydrate-rich suppers of veggies and tomato sauce over rice; they fell asleep faster than the others. A food with high-GI meals increases the ratio of sleep.

3.       Tart Cherry Juice:

It has been seen in tests that tart cherry juice is helpful to fall asleep. When some of the adult drank a cup of tart cherry juice twice a day, they felt some relief in the sleep.

4.       Yogurt:

Healthy dairy products like Milk and Yogurt are very helpful to give the relaxation. Yogurt has healthy dose of calcium that helps you to asleep.

5.       Whole Grains:

Consuming too little magnesium may make it harder to stay asleep. Barley, Bulgur, and other whole grains are rick in magnesium that helps to improve your sleep.

6.       Kale:

Although dairy products are considered for calcium rich foods but green leafy vegetables like collards and Kale is also known as the package of calcium. Many of the researchers have suggested that being calcium deficient may make it difficult to fall asleep.

7.       Bananas:

Bananas are very tasty fruits that include potassium and Vitamin B6 that need to healthy sleep. Banana helps to make melatonin that means a sleep with hormone triggered by darkness.

If you are facing some sleeping problems then these foods will help you to give you a proper sleep. So try to include these foods with your daily diet and stay happy.


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