Top 7 Tips To Make A Good Relationship

good relationship

Love is a beautiful feeling in which two souls meet, express and live for each other. Be in a relationship is pretty cool but when it comes to make it as good as possible then many of the people fail to make it and the result is break up or to give up. Being a person I can understand how difficult it to manage the all stuff of your life at the same time.

But if you want to live happy with your partner and make your relationship strong for which your partner will proud to have you in her life then here are some tips to make a good relationship.

10 tips to make a good relationship:

1.       Do the things you did the first year you were dating:

It has been seen that as months and years roll on then the interest goes less and you become lazy for your relationship. We generally forget the gentleness, thoughtfulness, understanding and effort we did when we used to meet. Then you need to think back and remind the things that you used to do when you were dating in your first year.

2.        Ask for what you want:

We always assume that our relationship is so perfect that we don’t need to ask for anything but what’s wrong if we ask. As we know that expectations are in the nature of human being so you should ask openly what you partner wants which is proved reliable in partnership and connection. Apart from that asking for what you want helps in everything from emotional to sexual wants.

3.        Be an expert on your partner:

Just think about the needs and things that will give a smile on your partner face. The thing can be physically or emotionally.  Be an expert on your partner that will tune a perfect and healthy relationship with your partner.

4.       Don’t ask “how was your day:

After a hectic long day we generally rely on the same question “How was your day” and get the boring answer as “fine”. This is the sign of spoiling your relationship because you are losing the opportunity to regularly connect in a small way. Instead of asking such a boring question you can ask things like “What made you smile today? or “What was the most challenging part of your day?” and after that you will be amazed at the answer you will get.

5.       Keep it sexy:

It has been seen that after the commitment, the physical intimacy loses its interest. As get physical is also a kind of expressing the feelings and love. So find the way to keep it sexy even more from the past. Sexy can refers to only bedroom but it also refers to what excite us about the partner in our day to day lives.

6.       Take a (mental) vacation, everyday:

If we are working and in the relationship at the same time then it is considered two lives at the same time. Life and work creates distraction in our life so that you don’t have much time or energy for your partner then try to practice the art of “Wearing the Relationship Hat” that means after getting a stressful day you are full present when you are with your partner. Take a promise to yourself that you won’t mix both lives ever to ruin your relationship.

7.       Make your apology count:

Being apologize is a good thing if you ever did some sin but it only makes a real impact if you really mean it. Always accept that your mate feels hurt and from now it won’t be repeated further in life, the simple line can have a significant impact. When you are in love with your partner and you hurt her then you should always be apologized what you did or didn’t do.

So with these certain points I am hoping that you are now able to reshape your relationship and will try to make it as strong as can. Keep calm and live happy.


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