What if Kiran Bedi becomes the CM of Delhi?

kiran bedi delhi cm

The news of Kiran Bedi becoming the CM of Delhi has been doing rounds since last 2-3 years. Her sterling contributions to the country while working under Indian Police Service have induced high hopes among people about her joining the politics.

Experts from political world are also positive about Bedi’s impending journey as the CM of Delhi. Her experience as a successful first IPS officer of the country, vision, and strength makes her an ideal candidate for the post.

Now the question is what difference she will make to the country if she becomes the CM. Her “Crane” Bedi image has made people expect high from her. During her Anna Hazare movement supporting anti-corruption, Bedi worked really hard and obstinately removed illegally parked cars from Delhi streets. And she will appeal to the younger generation who admired her just a. few years ago as the flag-waving champion of the anti-corruption movement.

Bedi’s strong determination and will power that helped her overcome greatest of difficulties, discrimination in her early years. She remained a police officer fighting off all these problems. Hard work, perseverance, and confidence helped her last till the very end of her journey with the final promotion as police commissioner.

Bedi is a strong person which the country is in need. Post disastrous Commonwealth Games Sheila Dikshit, the former chief minister couldn’t retain this reputation. Presently, deteriorating law and order is one of the biggest problems in the capital city. Consistent assault on women is also a burning issue. This is what Bedi has repeatedly spoken up about several times in the past. Most importantly, one with complete insider knowledge about reorganisation of police makes for the best candidate.

Delhi has suffered immensely from inadequate policing. This is owing to the problem arising from both Centre and state shifting the blame onto each other. If Kiran Bedi becomes the CM of Delhi, this situation will not exist. She is one person who might be able to persuade the home minister about the crucial steps requisite to develop the security scenario across the city. This will indeed be an integral part of manifesto of her party. Also, being a woman, various other issues associated with gender might be taken into account more seriously.

Some people also believe that Kiran Bedi might be too dictatorial and domineering. However, once this talented woman is democratically elected as the CM of Delhi, the development of this country will be fast paced. No wonder people of this city are eagerly waiting for Bedi to become the next Chief Minister. Hopes are really high!

Here is a brief of what can be expected post attainment of CM seat by Kiran Bedi:

  • Resolving of issues related to Law and Order
  • Better condition of women in the city
  • More anti-corruption movements
  • Safer place for women
  • Development across the country

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