Why Dhoni should be Banned from Cricket


The latest topic of controversy in the world of cricket is about banning Mahendra Singh Dhoni from representing India ever again. The statement has been recently made by Tom Alter, a Padma Shree awardee (2008), known widely for his works in Bollywood.

So what makes the actor make such a discordant comment? Here’s why a lot of cricket lovers like Tom feel that Dhoni should be banned from cricket:

The Constant Defeat

Dhoni’s seventh Test series defeat in just three and a half years is one of the reasons. The cricketer had not played any competitive cricket in the two months prior to the second Test. Under this circumstance, taking Dhoni back as both captain and player isn’t justified.

The Broken Contract

It is believed that Dhoni had broken his contract via not winning any game for a long time. However, since the cricketer is a hot favourite among the corporate, it is all about brand. Unfortunately, cricket is not only about brand and money. It is about understanding one’s responsibility and giving sterling performances.

The Sacred Bond is Broken

Dhoni is believed to have broken a sacred bond with ardent cricket fans. He has been capitalising on his brand value and the BCCI lackeys who sing his praises regardless of the performance rate.

Exit with Arrogance

Dhoni’s decision to exit with arrogance prior to getting removed is proof enough that the love for cricket is less than the love for brand and money. The ardency and passion for the game is missing completely.

Cricket World turned Materialistic

The exit of Dhoni is not simply about cricket. It is about how the world of sports have transformed.  It is not more about passion and devotion to a specific sport but image, brand, reputation, money, and fan following. The world of cricket has unfortunately turned materialistic. For cricketers, image is the most important thing. On the other hand fans change hands the moment they stop hearing about a sportsman. If one is no more on the television or news, they aren’t hot enough to be praised. Out of sight – out of mind!

Dhoni’s retirement from Test cricket may or may not be justified depending on the verdict of sports lovers. Retiring in the middle of a series before being removed is not sportsmanship. This is a harsh display of arrogance towards the game that blessed him with all the joys, fame, and luxury. A lot of people believe that Dhoni should he given up captaincy and continued as a player till the time India found another competent wicketkeeper-batsman to replace him. This would have been an act of chivalry and real sportsman. Giving up isn’t justified.


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