Why Girls have Better Relationship with Their Parents than Boys

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There is a very beautiful relationship between the parents and the children. Both share a bond that cannot be broken by any person. It is a bond that is irreplaceable, no matter how many people come in their lives. It is usually said that the boys are more attached to their mother, whereas the girls are more close to their fathers. However, if you see, girls enjoy better relationship with their parents as compared to the boys. Though we may have certain exceptions to this rule, but in most of the cases, the situation is same. There can be so many reasons governing this fact. Here, in this article, we would try to list out some of the reasons that justify that girls have a stronger bond with the parents as compared to the boys.

  • More Sensitive: According to a study, girls are more sensitive than boys are. Boys generally do not care, or we can say, notice the sentiments of the other person. When we are talking about the girls, they are more concerned in this matter. She knows exactly what her mother or father is going through in a situation and she tries to solve it as much as she can.


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  • Emotionally Supportive: Most boys are emotionally retarded. They do not know how to cope up with the extreme emotions like crying, rage, etc. In case their mother is crying badly or his father is in so much of rage, it would leave them dumbstruck and they would fail to know that what they should do in such a situation. In case of girls, the scenario is opposite. Girls are more emotionally supportive and capable of handling any kind of emotions. If her mother is crying, she knows how to talk to her and of she cannot do anything, she would just offer her shoulder to cry on. If her father is angry, she knows when to keep quiet and when to say things that are necessary at that point of time.


  • Adaptive to Situations: Girls generally adapt in extreme situations also. Every family once goes through the conditions when the things are not very smooth. A girl usually adapts in such a situation and does her best to come out of it. If there is nothing in her hands, she is always there for her parents. They know whom they can depend upon. Talking about the boys, they usually panic in such extreme situations.


  • More Caring: Girls are generally more caring as compared to the boys. Boys tend to adopt a carefree attitude and fail to notice the needs and demands of their mother or father. Girls, on the other hand, are more caring and notice the things that are desired by her mother or her father. This makes her more close to both of them.


In the end, it does not matter whether you are a girl or a boy. To enjoy better relationship with your parents, all you need to do is to become a little more attentive, a little more caring and a little more loving.


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