6 Great Wooden Wine Gift Box Ideas

Everyone seems to love a reason to celebrate and give gifts. You can make gifts even more special by choosing the right wooden wine box as your method of containment.

1. Seasonal Treats

One great thing about using a wine box for seasonal treats is they are made of wood and can be easily painted to match the color theme of the holiday. Red, white and green paint offers a Christmas look. Red or pink looks great for Valentine’s Day. Red, white, and blue are the colors traditionally used for the 4th of July. Add seasonal treats, candies, and include a nice bottle of wine for ultimate enjoyment of the holiday.

2. Get Well Gift Box

Cold and flu season is the perfect time to put together a get well package made from a small or medium wine box. Toss in comfort items like a plush throw blanket, soft tissues, cold remedies, aromatherapy oils, soft slippers, or anything that might offer relief.

3. Retirement Celebration

Nearly any working adult looks forward to the day they can shut off the alarm clock and sleep in, rather than getting up early and heading off to work. Reaching retirement age is a celebration that should be observed by giving the gift of items geared toward relaxation and leisure activities. Golf gloves, gift cards, museum passes, show tickets, and a nice bottle of wine will help kickstart their enjoyment.

4. Bridal Shower

An upcoming wedding is an important date for any woman to keep marked on her calendar. Bring a great bridal shower gift box using a medium size wine box that is painted a pastel color and loaded with all the items she’ll need to feel beautiful on her special day. Add items like hair accessories, makeup, perfumes, jewelry, and wine glasses with their names etched into the surface.

5. Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is another event that’s celebrated every year for the happy couple. Family and friends gather to wish the couple many more successful years of union. You can create a special gift by turning a small or large wine box into a selection of items they’ll treasure all year. Focus on things they like to do as a couple. It could be something like new camping gear, cooking equipment, or running shoes. Add a small selection of nice wines for quiet evenings alone.

6. Milestone Birthday

Major milestone birthdays like turning 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, and beyond should be commemorated with a nice gift box. Add quality wines with a selection of interesting DVD’s, new pajamas, gift cards, and other cool things. You can leave the box in a natural state and wrap it in cellophane.

Gift containment has never been easier than making use of a wooden wine box.

Five Ways for College Kids To Survive the Biggest Peril of Moving: Homesickness

You have planned everything out for a fabulous time in college. You have unpacked your things, have received the big stuff from professional college movers, have organized your room, and have gotten to know your roommates. Unfortunately, one of the biggest perils of moving to college hits you like a ton of bricks – homesickness. Overcoming this overwhelming feeling becomes easier if you follow these tips:

1. Stop Moping in your Room

Resist the urge of calling those college movers to have your stuff shipped back to your house. Stop moping and get out of your room. When the dreaded feeling of loneliness hits, being alone is not going to help. Force yourself to go to the coffee shop or head to the library. Being around other people is going to help you transition from your high school life to your new college environment.

2. Know that You are Not Alone

It is okay and perfectly normal to feel lonely and sad. In fact, giving yourself a day to feel all those gut-wrenching emotions is healthy. Realize that you are also not alone and a million other college students miss their families, friends, home, and bedroom. The key is to not let these lonely feelings linger because it is counterproductive. Moving day is done, so move on and enjoy your new life.

3. Turn your College into your Home Away From Home

College may not be able to replace home, but it can be a huge second home. Think of all the things you loved about pre-college life and attempt to recreate that in your new place. Have a place where you can regularly go for coffee with your friends. Find sanctuary in a nearby church to feed your soul. Do regular grocery runs in a supermarket to give you a sense of normalcy. These places can give you comfort and will help make your new college feel like home. The Matco Calgary Movers website has more useful information that could help you get a better understanding.

4. Connect with Other People

Meeting new friends by joining clubs, working part-time, hanging out in the library, being friendly with people in class, and doing volunteer work will help ease the loneliness. Having friends that care about you, who you can count on when the going gets tough, will make your new college life more fruitful.

5. Give Yourself Time to Adjust

The last but most important criteria is to give yourself time to adjust to your new environment. Moving to a new place is never easy; and it is fraught with challenges, which mature adults even have trouble dealing with. Don’t pressure yourself too much and just take things a day at a time. Before you realize it, you’ll be having so much fun and by the time summer break comes rolling around, the thought of going on vacation already makes you miss your college friends.

The 5 Major Types of Plumbing Services

If you own a home or a commercial business, chances are you are going to have issues with your plumbing. Therefore, it is a good idea to know what type of services plumbers can offer. Below are the five major types of problems that can be fixed by a professional plumber.

1. Leak Repair

Leaks can be a complicated problem if the source of the leak is unknown or if the leak is located in a hard to reach area. A plumber will be able to detect the leak and make the necessary repair to close the leak. The plumber will also be able to inspect your plumbing and plumbing fixtures to ensure that there are no other leaks or potential leaks on your property.

2. Toilet Repair

One of the most frequent problems most property owners face is with the toilet. A toilet can leak, clog up or back-up. While minor toilet problems can be solved by a plunger or drain cleaner, it is a good idea to have a plumber look at any persistent problems. A plumber will be able to run a “snake” on the toilet to find the source of any persistent clog and have other professional equipment to get the toilet repaired as soon as possible.

3. Water Heater Services

Your water heater is important if you want to enjoy warm showers or have constant access to warm water. A water heater or its associated plumbing fixtures should never be treated or repaired by a non-plumber because of the complexity of the system. A professional plumber will have the tools and the experience to quickly repair your water heater and ensure warm showers in your immediate future.

4. Hydro Jetting

If you have a tough clog backing up your plumbing, then a professional plumber can use hydro jetting to push the clog out of the system. With hydro jetting, the plumber will use a high powered water hose system to push water through the clog.

5. Sewer Repair

No one wants to deal with any sewer issues on their own. The good news is that plumbers can do the dirty work for you. A professional plumber can address anything from foul smells to slow drains and unusual noises coming from your sewage system.

If you have any of the above problems, be sure to contact a professional plumber as soon as possible. Most plumbers offer 24-hour service. Calling a plumber as soon as possible will prevent major water damage or other types of issues with your commercial or residential property.

How Can You Minimize The Charges of Your Packer and Mover ?

Hiring a packers and movers company is somewhere essential for the relocation of the house especially when you are concerned about the safety of your goods. On the contrary to this, we cannot pay charges more than our budget. If you are also on the same page where you are pondering about minimizing of charges, then you can get the assistance from the following points. Scroll down to pay a keen eye to the tips and tricks to do so.

Prefer offseason moving


Being aware of the right business tactics, you must give preference to offseason moving as you can cut your moving charges with this. Identical to the other industries, movers and packers agencies too have competitive spirit among themselves. Due to which, they provide better and affordable prices to customers so that they can engage more people even during the off seasons. Therefore, if you will relocate your home in those times, then you can invite a good fortune for yourself.

Cut your luggage smartly

Cut your luggage smartly

Leaving your luggage to your old house is not a smart move, however, replacement can be a great idea. Even the Edmonton movers www.matco.ca also suggests that one should conduct garage sale before leaving the house. This sale can assist you in collecting the funds also in throwing waste out of your home. Over and all, it is a recycling process with which we are selling useless items so that we can move our necessary items to a new home.

Limit number of services

Limit number of services

If you want to cut the moving charges, then you will have to neglect your comfort to some extent. Firstly, if you are expecting on-time delivery of the goods, then you cannot manage with the money issue. Therefore, punctuality, packing, unpacking, and installation are the services which will not create many difficulties for you and will be assistive in minimizing charges.

Take help of friends for packing

Take help of friends for packing

Although packers and movers must pack your luggage, if you are doing it by yourself or with the assistance of your friends, then it can be a huge task in favor of minimizing the packers and movers charges. It is quite obvious that you will not have to pay any money for packing services if you are hiring an agency for transportation only. Along with this, you can also buy your cartons to pack your luggage or can use the old ones.

Be attentive and flexible

Be attentive and flexible

You must be attentive to all the taxes and service charges which are applicable by the government. The reason behind it is that you can be cheated by the packing and moving agencies, therefore, thorough research about agency rules must be there so that you can get transparency for your moving and packing charges. Also, you should show flexibility in dates so that you can get services at low cost.

Plan a bit earlier

Home moving

On the spot, planning becomes a failure in most of the cases, therefore, it is better to be an early riser. Even the trustworthy and reliable Edmonton movers can make it possible but why to take risks if you have other options. Early planning can help you in making a good choice about the packers and movers agency. Therefore, you can go with the cheapest one providing quality services if you are concerned about money.


7 Tips For Moving in Summers By Edmonton Movers

Moving is exciting and stressful at the same time. Waiting until the last minute will only add to the stress. Ideally, you should plan a month ahead and expect a few weeks to pack and clean. It’s best to know what to expect and how to handle it. Here are seven tips to help you avoid any last minute hiccups.

1. Expect And Accept Stress

moving boxes
LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE – Mountain Home Air Force Base

Stress is a normal part of the moving process and overcoming it begins with acceptance. In doing so, you are less likely to let stress set you back during the course of your move. Stress is a natural human response to demanding situations and can be worked through. Acknowledge it when it happens, but don’t let it interfere with the tasks at hand.

2. Give Yourself Enough Time

Give Yourself Enough Time

Your move will be a whole lot easier if you give yourself enough time. If you live in a one bedroom apartment or studio, you’ll need at least two days to pack. Two or three bedroom homes will need five to six days. You need to give yourself enough time to clean, research moving companies if necessary, reserving rental trucks, and setting up utility services in your new place.

3. Start Small

Start Small

Begin your moving process by tackling the small things first. Most people are so overwhelmed with moving that they don’t know where to start. You should start by packing up a single drawer. If you’ve allowed yourself ample time to pack, focus on getting things done piece by piece.

4. Stay Organized

Stay Organized

Organization is the key to keeping your move less stressful. Make it a priority to ensure fewer headaches and a streamlined move. Create a moving inventory list and a moving timeline. Draw a floor plan of your new home so you know what goes where in advance. Have a garage sale to get rid of old items ASAP. Designate specific areas of your existing home for different purposes. One room can be for things that need to be used before moving day, and another for items to be donated or sold.

5. Hire Professionals

Hire Professionals

If it fits in your budget, professional Edmonton movers will relieve unnecessary stress. Movers can pack and safely wrap up your possessions and transport large items. Whichever moving company you choose, make sure they have a proven reputation for trustworthy service and reliability.

6. Ask For Help

Ask For Help

If you’re feeling stressed and need some extra help, it’s ok to ask family members or friends. An extra set of hands will cut your packing and moving time in half. Make sure you ask for help in advance and reward their support with pizza and beer. Be sure to return the favor when your family or friends need help with their move.

7. Get Plenty Of Rest

Get Plenty Of Rest

Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your move. The less sleep you get, the more likely you will feel overwhelmed the next day. Moving is both physically and mentally challenging. A good night’s rest will help you stay efficient throughout the entire day.