6 Great Wooden Wine Gift Box Ideas

Everyone seems to love a reason to celebrate and give gifts. You can make gifts even more special by choosing the right wooden wine box as your method of containment.

1. Seasonal Treats

One great thing about using a wine box for seasonal treats is they are made of wood and can be easily painted to match the color theme of the holiday. Red, white and green paint offers a Christmas look. Red or pink looks great for Valentine’s Day. Red, white, and blue are the colors traditionally used for the 4th of July. Add seasonal treats, candies, and include a nice bottle of wine for ultimate enjoyment of the holiday.

2. Get Well Gift Box

Cold and flu season is the perfect time to put together a get well package made from a small or medium wine box. Toss in comfort items like a plush throw blanket, soft tissues, cold remedies, aromatherapy oils, soft slippers, or anything that might offer relief.

3. Retirement Celebration

Nearly any working adult looks forward to the day they can shut off the alarm clock and sleep in, rather than getting up early and heading off to work. Reaching retirement age is a celebration that should be observed by giving the gift of items geared toward relaxation and leisure activities. Golf gloves, gift cards, museum passes, show tickets, and a nice bottle of wine will help kickstart their enjoyment.

4. Bridal Shower

An upcoming wedding is an important date for any woman to keep marked on her calendar. Bring a great bridal shower gift box using a medium size wine box that is painted a pastel color and loaded with all the items she’ll need to feel beautiful on her special day. Add items like hair accessories, makeup, perfumes, jewelry, and wine glasses with their names etched into the surface.

5. Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is another event that’s celebrated every year for the happy couple. Family and friends gather to wish the couple many more successful years of union. You can create a special gift by turning a small or large wine box into a selection of items they’ll treasure all year. Focus on things they like to do as a couple. It could be something like new camping gear, cooking equipment, or running shoes. Add a small selection of nice wines for quiet evenings alone.

6. Milestone Birthday

Major milestone birthdays like turning 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, and beyond should be commemorated with a nice gift box. Add quality wines with a selection of interesting DVD’s, new pajamas, gift cards, and other cool things. You can leave the box in a natural state and wrap it in cellophane.

Gift containment has never been easier than making use of a wooden wine box.